All throughout the year, FRCZ offers a number of ways for adults to journey down the road of discipleship, including educational classes, retreats, and serving opportunities. Current and ongoing opportunities are listed below; contact the church office (616-772-9129) or the facilitators listed below for more information. 

Fall 2018 Adult Discipleship opportunities coming soon!

Winter/Spring 2018 Opportunities


“Financial Peace University”

Sundays, 9:00-10:45 am (includes a break from 9:40-10:00)

9 weeks, starting January 7

Location:  Conference Room (main floor)

Facilitator:  Rusty Dykstra

Discover peace when it comes to finances! Learn practical ways to get out from under the burden of debt, discover how to maximize every dollar you earn, be inspired how to handle your finances more efficiently and with less stress, while at the same time living more generously.  Each week will include a video teaching from faith-based financial advisor Dave Ramsey and a small group discussion. Please sign up in the lobby or contact Rusty Dykstra.

Bible Study

Sundays, 10:00-10:45 am

Ongoing, starting January 7

Location:  Room 200 (upper level)

Facilitator:  Various

If you enjoy pondering and discussing the Scriptures, this class won’t disappoint.  Many common expressions in our language consist of noun pairs that seem to go together naturally:  salt and pepper, cause and effect, macaroni and cheese.  In the Bible, ‘faith’ and ‘works’ form such a complementary pair.  Using the Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of James, the focus of class study will emphasize how important this combination of faith and works is for any follower of Jesus.

“Mental Health"

Sundays, 10:00-10:45 am

6 weeks, starting January 7

Location:  El Cove (behind balcony)

Facilitator:  Bill Boerman

Do you ever find yourself wondering where the ‘joy’ went?  Is the constant gray of West Michigan winter making your soul feel cloudy?  Do you wish we could have more authentic conversations in the church?  Are you looking for a place where you could be honest and not say ‘Fine’, when someone asks ‘Hi, how are you?’  Each Sunday morning, you are invited to join with others to share, to hear, to learn, to grow, to share, to be still, and focus on key Biblical aspects of mental/emotional health.

 “Being Transformed”

Sundays, 10:00-10:45 am

6 weeks, starting January 7

Location:  Middle Fellowship Hall (lower level)

Facilitator:  Jodi DeRoo

There are parts of ourselves we wish were different:  How we approach a certain situation, how we handle certain temptations or people, etc.  Scripture invites us to ‘be transformed by renewing of our minds’.  How does that happen?  How can we experience this transformation?  Join others in exploring what Scripture has to say.

“The Invitation"

Sundays, 10:00-10:45 am

6 weeks, starting January 7

Location: Second Floor Conference Room

Facilitator:  Pam Haddix

The Bible reveals a God who is constantly inviting us into His presence to worship Him. But what does that mean? Pam Haddix uses her book, Worship and the Word, to take you on a journey exploring what the Bible teaches about God’s call to us to be His worshipers. You’ll find that the insights from scripture and thought-provoking questions will both challenge and encourage you to passionately pursue and intimately engage the God of the Bible in worship! 


Women’s Bible Study- “All Things New”

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm

12 weeks, starting January 10

Location:  Second Floor Conference Room

Facilitator:  Nancy Ruster

If you enjoy making friends, having meaningful conversations, and learning life-altering truths from Scripture, you will want to be part of this study.  Based on the New Testament Book of 2nd Corinthians, this class is focused on the Biblical teaching about God's desire to make all things news--including us! For more information, contact Nancy Ruster.

Men’s Apprentice- “The Good and Beautiful Life"

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m.  

12 weeks, starting January 10

Location:  Room 200 (upper level)

Facilitators:  Mike and Nick Morren

This class is open to men of any age who want to discover how to live and enjoy ‘the good and beautiful life’!  Join other guys in discovering the true narratives that will enable you to live a life free from anger, worry, lust, lying and many other destructive vices.  This class is based on the book The Good and Beautiful Life and is discussion based. If you would like more information, contact Mike Morren or Nick Morren.

“Faith Walking 101”

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00

12 weeks, starting January 10

Location: Conference Room (main floor)

Facilitator:  Pastor Tom

Faithwalking 101 is a 24-week seminar series that meets every other week and provides participants with practical and conceptual tools for partnering with God in doing the work of spiritual formation in their lives which in turn leads to missional living. People who have attended a Faithwalking retreat and want to deepen their spiritual understanding and purposeful expression should attend. Please contact Pastor Tom ( if interested in knowing more.


Women’s Bible Study- “Twelve Women of the Bible"

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

12 weeks, starting January 30

Location:  Conference Room (main floor)

Facilitator:  Marcia Walters

You are invited to join other women for a study focused on various women whose stories are told in the Bible.   Through video and authentic conversation, this class will enable you to learn and grow your own spiritual life as you explore the lives of these ancient women who demonstrated a vibrant faith.  Sign up in the lobby.  For more information, contact Marcia Walters. 


“Men’s Life- Discussion/Study”

Every other Wednesday morning, 6:00-7:00 a.m.

Ongoing, starting January 10

Location:  Russ’ East Town

Facilitator:  Mike Morren

You are invited to join with men from their 20’s to the ‘last quartile of life’ in a relaxed time of discussion over breakfast.  Conversation is based on various books written by Christian men.  This time of fellowship will enable you to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus and other guys, and discover the support you need to face the issues of daily life. If you have any questions, contact Mike Morren. 


JOY GROUP (Just Older Youth)

For those who are 60+ years young, the JOY Group provides a great opportunity for fellowship with regularly scheduled outings and events. Sign up information is located in the church lobby or the Information Center. For more information, contact Pastor Roger ( or 772-9129).


-Facilitator: Becky Visser (

-Meets on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30-7:45, (September-March)

-For mothers of all ages to build strong Christ-centered relationships and to walk through the journey of motherhood together