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COVID-19 Updates and Response

At the end of May we formed a re-entry task force to help determine when and how we could safely and appropriately re-enter the church building for public worship. After much prayer and conversation, we held our first in-person gathering on July 12.

We, as a team, all acknowledge that this will not be as simple as turning on a switch, and the whole thing is going to feel different than public worship before the global pandemic. Also, every family and individual has had a different experience in the wake of the coronavirus and consequently has been making different decisions in regards to what feels prudent and wise for them. So even while we move towards creating a space for public worship we will still be continuing to provide content we have throughout this pandemic, so that everyone can choose to engage in public worship in a way that fits them best. 

If the digital format has been working for you, we want to encourage you to continue worshiping with us in that way. If you have been gathering with others, in a small group, and worshipping with us there, we want to encourage you to continue doing that. If neither of those has been what you need we'd invite you to join us for an in person experience. And whatever choice you make individually we need a covering of grace for others who are making different choices. We are one body and I have full faith we can worship well together even amongst divergent choices around how to worship during this season.

Additionally, if we are to reengage public worship, we are going to need help. To do this well we are creating new systems and teams to keep everyone safe. If you are willing to help serve in these new ways please click here to sign up. We need your help to make this happen, so please consider serving in a new way during this unprecedented season. The staff and facilities team have been working to minimize risks as much as possible; click here for a detailed list of safety procedures and precautions.

If you would like to attend in-person worship, please click here to read about the changes that we are making to our worship services to minimize risk and to protect the health and safety of those in our church family. 

The church staff is working remotely and the church office is closed, but you are welcome to reach out to any of the church staff via email. Voice mail on the office phone (616-772-9129) will be transferred to staff members' email, and we have installed a new drop box for offering envelopes at the Central Avenue entrance.

In-Person Worship Details